3 Quick Workouts for the Beach

If you’re heading to the beach this summer, there are several great quick workouts you can do to get a great cardiovascular and strength workout. These workouts are equipment-free, so you can take your workout to any location you like. Just remember to bring water and sunscreen. The sun can deplete your fluids very quickly, so it’s important to stay hydrated.

The first exercise is called the push-up. This exercise requires that you have a flat bottom, good flexibility, and tight core. You should also keep your hips straight and keep your hands in a straight line. Continue this exercise until your rear knee is just above the ground and then lower your body until your front thigh is parallel to the ground. Repeat on the opposite side.

Another great exercise for the beach is the plank. Try it on a softer sand to improve your core strength. As you do, bend your knees and alternate the legs toward your chest. Make sure to hold the position for a minute or more. And try to keep your knees in line so that your muscles don’t get sore.

Another beach workout is the lifeguard workout. This will help you get in shape for swimsuit season. Try this fun cardio routine that will challenge you to push yourself in the waves. You can also try doing this workout against the current if you want to increase your challenge. During this workout, you’ll need to be flexible, as the waves can be pretty choppy!

Shoulder tap planks: Another beach exercise, this one will work your entire core and also your shoulder muscles. The goal is to make yourself as high as you can without hurting your knees or calves. Do this exercise for one minute. Then, repeat the same exercise with the opposite leg. If you don’t like doing planks, you can try lateral lunges. These exercises will give you a killer core and glute workout.

These are 3 Quick Workouts That You Can Do on the Beach. These beach workouts will leave you sweating and invigorated. All you need is about ten minutes of your time and you can get a killer workout. You can even do these exercises on a vacation.

Beach workouts are great for many reasons. They are less rigorous than gym workouts, are great for the lower body, and are great for knee, hip, and ankle stability. They are also an excellent cardio activity. The sand makes your muscles work harder, which helps your body burn more calories.

Another beach workout is a circuit workout. Start by setting up two lines on the beach 20 yards apart. You’ll need to run down to one side of the beach and run back to the other. Then, perform bear crawls for about 20 yards, then run back to your starting point.